Nerdshop focuses on providing a FreeBSD/NetBSD based solution for all your network/ internet business requirements. This has proven to be a highly reliable, cost effective and versatile platform for implementing all vital information technology related business requirements.
This FreeBSD/NetBSD solution will also eliminate costly license fees that are inherent with all other software solutions currently on the market by making use of “Open Source” developed software.

Internet Server and Firewall

The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server is a cost effective stable Internet gateway mechanism that secures a local network with managed access to the Internet that prevents unauthorized access alongside with undesired access to the Internet. The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server employs a unified authentication scheme alongside managed access control. Access is established via a single ADSL, Diginet or Wireless connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Internet Server and Firewall
Additional built-in features provide firewall protection and all e-mail communication are pre-scanned for viruses before delivered to the network.
The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server comes with a very advanced virus protection solution. This includes the latest virus definitions being automatically downloaded for your convenience. This offers the client a formidable defense against possible malicious code in circulation. The client will also be informed of possible infections on the network before it can be spread through the network.
Nerdshop Information Technology All E-mail communications are managed by a built in mail server or can be proxied to an existing mail server. This increases the security of the local network server by not allowing propagation or delivery of unsolicited e-mail communication such as SPAM. In addition local email traffic can be filtered out before exiting the network and delivered within the network. This saves on bandwidth usage.
When using a permanent Internet connection, The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server will enable the hosting of Web Sites and controlled access to internal systems such as databases by means of encrypted protocols and rigid access control policies.
The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server allow full use of an ADSL connection as if it was a leased line with load balancing technologies, bandwidth control and a dynamic DNS capability with which one should experience a distinct improvement of service over a standard/ sub rated connection. Although ADSL remains dynamic, with Network Address Translation (connection sharing) the client’s server will be accessible by Nerdshop’s secure server and network team for remote support.
There are no licensing fees associated with The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server as compared to other products similar in nature as it is integrated into the FreeBSD/NetBSD operating system. Nerdshop Technology
A fully implemented FreeBSD/NetBSD Server will function as a completely integrated file server, mail server and Internet gateway. It will simplify the network substantially by allowing users to switch machines or use a brand new machine and have all their data available on the server instantly. This removes the need for backing up every users workstation. All data and files are secured allowing only access to specified users.
The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server software is exceptionally effortless to implement once installed on a server and connected to the network. All computers or workstations on the network is reconfigured to use the server and takes approximately 30 minutes per computer/ workstation to configure. After this, all users will be able to access the Internet, their email, documents, etc. thus causing negligible down time and in most instances where the network is configured efficiently, no down time due to software failures will be experienced.

VPN Technology

Nerdshop VPN Technology Virtual Private Networking (VPN) comes included with The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server. This allows specified remote users to access your network by making use of the latest encryption techniques to work securely on a file or database from a different location such as at home or a branch office across the Internet.
If you have offices at multiple locations around the country, and fixed line access is too costly, one can make use of The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server VPN capability by installing The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server at each office and connecting them via permanent links across the Internet. Our network design team will be able to assist you in obtaining maximum benefit at no additional cost other than that of The FreeBSD/NetBSD Server for 2 or more VPN nodes.

Summary of Key Features

  • IP and Apple Talk supported. This enables easy interoperation between Apple Macintosh and Windows systems.
  • E-mail anti SPAM and Virus control and email notification to sender and interested parties.
  • Dynamic DNS with DHCP.
  • Users and Group control to a file server.
  • Web content control, via reconfigured access lists i.e. Porn/Gambling.
  • VPN capability.
  • Data backup (File Server, E-mail, etc) onto magnet tape or hot swappable media (USB drive bay, DVD, CD-RW, etc)
  • Easy accessible server status.
  • Full support for ADSL. (NAT shared connection)
  • Kernel level Stateful Packet filter. (firewall)
  • Daily management reports.
  • SCP access to pre configured file server share.
  • Generic TCP/UDP redirects.
  • Anti Spoofing and SYN Flooding.
  • Web/SSL/FTP Proxy.
  • Simple Wan/DMZ Configuration.
  • E-mail maximum message size control.
  • Multi-drop mail collection for dial on demand.
  • Network time synchronization.
  • IP addresses aliasing.
  • High reliability with automatic fail over and proxy authentication.
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis.
The Nerdshop Solution
The Nerdshop Solution


  • The Nerdshop Solution will save your company time and money.
  • The Nerdshop Solution will secure your data and IT communication.
  • The Nerdshop Solution will offer you security and peace of mind required from an IT solution.