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Most of the website design projects listed below were designed and created by using a Web Content Management System. The websites are however customised in most instances to fit specific customer requests and requirements.
We mostly make use of the very popular WordPress Open Source system as base for our websites.
Added to the graphic design and content, we also do the standard Search Engine submission for every website and proper Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).

Du M̩tier РForensic Engineering and Investigations

Du Métier - Forensic Engineering and Investigations - Website Design by Nerdshop

Du Métier is a private forensic engineering company and is based in South Africa. Du Métier specialises in road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.

Added to this, we offer metallurgical analysis in cases where the possibility of mechanical failure exists. This is to support the findings in the reconstruction of the accident scene.

We also assist in determining the causes of vehicle / mechanical fires.

Emzansi Engineering

Emzansi Engineering - Website Design by Nerdshop

Emzansi is an independent, multi-disciplinary firm of engineers involved in planning, design, supervision, project management and turnkey projects. The firm offers a wide range of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services throughout the complete life cycle of infrastructural development.

Emzansi comprises of highly trained and experienced Engineers, Technologists, Technicians and Draughts persons. The firm has adequate office infrastructure, design and draughting packages as well as the necessary skills and knowledge base to provide efficient and appropriate designs and solutions. The spectrum of these solutions may vary from feasibility studies, designs, tender management, contract administration, site supervision to project management.

Specialised Expert Services

Specialised Expert Services

Specialised Expert Services is a company that specialises in the investigation of incidents in the Mechanical Engineering and Health and Safety related fields. We assist clients by using scientific analysis in the determination of the root causes of incidents and accidents.

The analysis of the incidents includes the evaluation of all contributing factors and the determination of the level of contribution of these factors to the incidents.

In order to achieve this, the incident scene is investigated and recorded according to the standards required by Criminal Procedure Law, so that evidence is properly preserved and available for any legal or disciplinary proceedings that may follow. All reports are written in accordance with the requirements of Criminal and/or Civil Procedure Law so that the reports can be utilised in any type of legal proceedings and litigation.

George Fivaz Forensic and Risk

George Fivaz Forensic and Risk - Website Design by Nerdshop

George Fivaz, a previous National Police Commissioner of South Africa, is the founder member of the companies and plays a critical role in its day-to-day management and activities.

Our other managers and specialists are all hand selected individuals with a wealth of experience in the safety and security industry.

These employees were selected on the basis of a proven and impeccable service history, their experience and expertise in the relevant disciplines and uncompromising integrity.

JB Ultraseal-Africa

JB Ultraseal-Africa

JB Ultraseal-Africa CC is the National Distributor in Africa.

Ultraseal is a multifaceted unique proprietary product that is classified as a tyre sealant. Ultraseal’s attributes and performance is like no other tyre sealant in the world. Ultraseal’s R&D Team has taken the world’s finest tyre sealant and transformed it into a true tyre life extender. Although it has been proven that Ultraseal’s sealing capability has no match, the fact remains that it is the ability to extend tyre life, which is the key to reducing cost per mile for any fleet regardless of size or mission profile.

Millennium Data Consultants (MDC)

Millennium Data Consultants - Website Design by Nerdshop

Millennium Data Consultants (MDC) was established in October 1998 having recognised the need for a centralised personnel information centre.

MDC specialises in the disclosure of employee and pre-employment information thus enabling the employer to make pro-active business decisions.

Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation

Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation - Website Design by Nerdshop

The mission of the trust is to serve the South African public interest by facilitating sustainable access to the economy for the beneficiaries by carrying on the Trust objective: that is to provide monetary and non-monetary Socio-economic development contributions in the form of undertaking the following public benefit activities within the Republic of South Africa.

No Flats Tyre Sealant

No Flats Tyre Sealant

We fix flats before they happen.

No Flats Tyre Sealant is a special blend of more than 25 chemicals in a viscous liquid state which coats and clings to the inner wall of the tyre. No Flats Tyre Sealant is a permanent puncture preventative/repairer and a tyre life extender/conditioner, and we believe the only product on the market today that is guaranteed to outlast the legal lifetime of the bicycle tyre.

RacePics – Captured in a split second, forever


RacePics, the home of true motorsport photography, was founded by Paul Blackburn in 2009 and an exciting partnership was created at the beginning of 2011 with Deon Venter joining Team RacePics. Although we attempt to attend as many motorsport race events as possible we primarily attend events at Zwartkops Raceway, Red Star Raceway, Kyalami, Midvaal and occasionally Phakisa and Killarney.

We follow the exciting events in and around Gauteng. Events regularly attended are the Inland Championship, Historic Tour, Super Series and Northern Regions Racing events. In addition we cover events such as the Gauteng Motorshow, Round Table Bed Race, Cars in the Park, Castrol Extreme Auto Show and Women in Motorsport events to name but a few. We have also expanded to drag racing events at Tarlton Raceway. Our photographers even attended international events such as the World Superbikes!

Zwartkops Raceway – International World of Motoring

Zwartkops Raceway - International World of Motoring

Zwartkops embraces all aspects of motoring in South Africa, including:

  • Driving & riding instruction
  • Advanced driver education
  • Product evaluation & testing
  • International 4X4 motoring
  • World karting
  • Domestic and international motorsport

We aim to reach all South Africans through fully integrated participation programmes, taken to all the important market centres in Southern Africa.