The Nerdshop Solution

Nerdshop focuses on providing a Unix based solution gateway server (FreeBSD / NetBSD) for all your network/ internet business requirements. This has proven to be a highly reliable, cost effective and versatile platform for implementing all vital information technology related business requirements. The Nerdshop Solution
The server is your gateway to the internet with a stateful firewall running a mail – and fileshare server all in one. Proper caching will ensure faster than usual internet browsing and a big save on bandwidth costs.
Our servers are all connected to our Virtual Private Network by means of encrypted tunnels to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.
The servers also allow for remote support to your Desktop clients/users.
This Unix based solution gateway server (FreeBSD / NetBSD) will also eliminate costly license fees that are inherent with all other software solutions currently on the market by making use of "Open Source" developed software.
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Hosting Services

Nerdshop Technology and Solutions Nerdshop believes in fair and competitive hosting for all sectors of the market, whether it is corporate or a personal website.
Although no local ISP can compete with the international hosting market when it comes to pricing we have the edge on stability and no hassles with bandwidth speeds locally. We consider ourselves as doing specialised hosting.
Daily data backups are done to ensure minimal interruption in service unlike most hosting companies.
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Web Design

Nerdshop mostly makes use of Open Source Web Content Management Systems in which websites are designed to fit a clients specific needs. Nerdshop Search Engine Optimization
Part of our design packages are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Integration such as Facebook, Twitter and newsletter subscriptions, graphic and artwork design for your website, stationery and email templates.
We also provide a maintenance service for your website where we will post updates to news and events as required.
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Forensic Investigations

Nerdshop Forensic Investigations and Services Because of our background and our approach to how we go about setting up servers, we have a tremendous amount of experience in tracking down security issues on servers and workstations.
Our Forensic Investigation services are also not limited to Information Technology.
We have the experience and expertise to investigate any mechanical engineering related incident.
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Professional Photographic Services

With Paul Blackburn being a professional photographer we can add another valuable service to our wide range of services. This allows for professional photographic services for your corporate image or special event.
Due to our experience at event photography we are perfectly aligned to cover your corporate events or branding campaigns.
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